Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Wedding Gift

This gift was given almost 3 months after the wedding.  

Well I needed time to visualize the concept in my head 
and to determine what details to include.

You certainly can't rush creativity... 
but at least the recipients of this creation was very happy with their present.

Sketching details I've seen during the beach wedding of a colleague.

Making patterns for each of the items
especially overlapping ones like the couple's hands.
So far the guy is up to scale!

How do I make a hand???  This one looks twisted!

Arrgh... not a pretty sight if the bride has no hair!

  Now this is nicer when they both have hair!

Adding beads to the pink wedding gown

The King of Spade on the side of the bride.

The Queen of Hearts on the side of the groom.
Playing cards were a magical part of the proposal.
So I need to include those in my creation.

 More details.  
The pages of this bible was cut one by one.

Beach collectibles from a beach wedding.

 Slippers for tiny feet.  These pairs look like the ones they wore too.

The finished product!

I think you know how important this little fella would be in the future.
Did I mention near future? 


 How a Blobbie started

When an idea comes to mind, put them on paper.


The  three dimensional clay stuff will easily follow.

This blobbie has been in my head for a long time.  
He is the reason why a blobbie was created.
Suits a music punky guy who loves plugging a white earphone while listening to his music.

Creating the foot that will match the red pouty lips.



Whenever you are wearing Red Sandals...

 you should also have pouty Red Lips.

 A nerdy blobbie.  Doesn't the glasses make him look so genius-ie?

A dainty blobbie who frequently checks on details.

This mommy blobbie loves to take care of her baby.

A voluptuous blobbie... "I will tempt you with my apple."

The flowing tresses to tease....  :)

A salt-and-pepper-haired blobbie who loves to wear her comfy shoes to work. 

Always thinking fitness..."Work out time!"

A girl who loves cats and dogs.

The wishful bride.... but where is the groom?


Walking to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance".....but maybe not.

Whooops!  That's all folks!
 Guess to whom which blobbie belongs.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nest Art - Mother and Child

When you can’t find a suitable gift for a person, create one, it usually never fails.  Personal touch is highly appreciated.

The idea came twitting in my head when I woke up one morning last December 28, 2010 while hearing birds chirping outside my window.  So it pays when you live close to nature, your creativity is getting a little boost.

Creating the nest was a bit tricky. 
How do I blend the colors? 
What about the texture? 
Will I be able to keep the shape? 
Will it look like a nest?  Arrgghhhh…..

Anyway, I found my solution by using a glass sphere I got in Batanes during my trekking days. 
These are floatation device used by fishermen for the nets they cast out in the ocean.

I arranged all the wormy clay on top of it to take shape (making sure the colors are blended like a symphony), transferred it on a food container carefully lined with wax paper.  Then it is ready to bake.

From the oven after cooling.

 Not a bad looking nest for a start.

By January of 2011, I finally did some preliminary sketches for the face of the nest. 

There were other drawings but this one fits the nest.   It was already February 27, 2011 when I started conditioning my clay again.  Quite a long time to put this project together.

Putting the basic component of the entire project which is the
Letter D.  For the doctor whose name starts with D.

So all other details would simply have to take shape after the Letter D is placed on the nest.  You'll know the reason after a few more patient....

Getting into the details... adding a head, two in fact, a hand, a foot......
Hmmmm…. I need to add some colors and to fill-in those empty spaces. 
What about tiny dots of reds….

Red for Red Blood Cells? 
Only somebody in the medical science could think of that! 
I actually got that comment from somebody
who took up medical technology in college tee-hee.

I thought of the Rod of Asklepios being part of the entire project because the recipient is a doctor. 
Asklepios is the Greek god of medicine.  Fitting right?

I had fun making this snake... blending the brown with the green, adding the texture and twisting it on the rod.  My snake does not even have an evil look... it seems calm and subdued.

Dimpled hand and wide-toed foot.  This woman sure has a lot of hair....

I need to fix those toes, they are too wide.

 Better, don’t you think?  Aren’t all baby toes cute???

Added more details….La-La-La ….. because the doctor also loves music.  

 A mother usually sings a lullaby to put her baby to sleep.

The finished product!

The portrait of a Mother and Child...but actually this nest project is a representation of a medical doctor who takes care of women bearing children, my OB Gynecologist.  And I gave this gift to him in March.

 It glows in the dark too.   Now you know why everything has to align with the Letter D!

The End

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cupcakes! Cupcakes! And more Cupcakes!!!

Everybody in the polymer clay world has a cuter and more detailed version
of the classic cupcake…
….  cupcakes you can’t even eat!  Ha!

You can’t match how the Beadlady is doing her delightful goodies. 
Details of her work is superb!!! 
Too yummy you wanna bite.  But you'll have a tootache afterwards hehe.

Thanks to her, I learned how to whip up all these inedible cupcakes! 

The Beadlady

I never imagined that doing the polymer clay version is more time consuming than baking the real stuff! 

Just putting the faux whipped cream is making my head spin with all the twirling.  No matter what I do they are getting to be lopsided. 

Wait a minute, the real cupcakes get lopsided too!

Compare mine to the creations of The Beadlady above ... geez is there are reason to compare?

Aside from the whipped cream, adding all the tiny sprinkles was taking me forever arghhhhh!  Not only that, I thought that the faux sprinkles would stick to the faux whipped cream and stay there ….

I was fauxed! 

You got it right, as soon as I put out the cupcakes from the oven, the sprinkles started to fall off rolling to never, never, never everland…. Yikes!


Tell me, why do I need to glaze all the cupcakes?  
To make it shiny, sugary, splendid?  

To make the sprinkles stay where they ought to be. Yummy effect huh?

Whew!  With edible cupcakes, you just buy those sprinkles, drizzle and go munch! 
Besides, with the real stuff, I could be stuffed!! 
Hmmmmm………better not get into that or I'll lose my 24-inch waistline.  
Ha! In my dreams!!!.

What would make my cupcake different???

I got it!  I’ll just make my cupcake quack….

Quack!......  Quack!  Quack! Quack!

            Quack!  Quack! .....  Quack!  Quack!  Quack!

                        Quack!......  Quack!  Quack!  Quack!  Quack!

                                    Quack!  Quack!  Quake! Quack!

            Quack!......  Quack! … Quack!.... Quack!

                                    Quack!  Quack!  Quack! Quack!

…………………My goodness!  After all those quacking, I could swear that the spelling of quack is getting wrong!  I just don’t know where it is????  Can you help me find it?

If you visit my home, I have ducks everywhere.  Well, not the real critter.  But maybe when I get a house with a pond I could get a pair and watch how funny they walk.

I got the idea when I came across a cupcake book (the edible ones) that I eventually gifted to my sister (she decorates using fondant and gumpaste, the edible ones too).  I told her to bake me one of these since I love ducks.  She hasn’t baked the ducks for me yet, so I baked mine.  And here they are….

 These quackers are so adorable, don’t you think? 

Ducks on a platter.
Pretend it’s a pond.

Ducks chatting.
“Were you there when Petunia laid all those ducklings with spots!?” said one duck
"Petunia who?" says the other.

Ducks diving.
“Oooops!  Food!  Got to go!”

More diving.
“Get your beak on that fish sister dear!”

Ducks in a row.
“Can’t you see?  This idiot is taking our picture from all angles
and our sisters have their tails up in the air!  How awful!”

Here I added some coins for reference of scale.  See the cat at the background?  He would even like to give them a paw.

Well, that’s all my dearies.. enough said of the cupcakes… and the ducks.

My model for the duckies is patiently waiting for me so I could take a bath.

Tah-tah for now!