Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Wedding Gift

This gift was given almost 3 months after the wedding.  

Well I needed time to visualize the concept in my head 
and to determine what details to include.

You certainly can't rush creativity... 
but at least the recipients of this creation was very happy with their present.

Sketching details I've seen during the beach wedding of a colleague.

Making patterns for each of the items
especially overlapping ones like the couple's hands.
So far the guy is up to scale!

How do I make a hand???  This one looks twisted!

Arrgh... not a pretty sight if the bride has no hair!

  Now this is nicer when they both have hair!

Adding beads to the pink wedding gown

The King of Spade on the side of the bride.

The Queen of Hearts on the side of the groom.
Playing cards were a magical part of the proposal.
So I need to include those in my creation.

 More details.  
The pages of this bible was cut one by one.

Beach collectibles from a beach wedding.

 Slippers for tiny feet.  These pairs look like the ones they wore too.

The finished product!

I think you know how important this little fella would be in the future.
Did I mention near future? 

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